We like to share our knowledge. Not only in written form, but also by spoken word.
Trustworkers IRL shouldn’t be missed!

This is an overview of where we are scheduled to appear – some of the talks will be at closed gatherings, so feel free to get in touch to make sure you can get in! … Or if you want to set up a repeat performance.

We also offer quite a few courses and inspirational talks that may be booked as and when needed. Check out Trustworks Academy!


Elvi Nissen talks about UX and AI at IT-branchen – in cyber space, of course!

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At some point in the future – post The Great Corona Quarantine of 2020 – Tommy Sørensen will be talking about project management at ITU – it’ll be a (Ka)hoot!


When the world revolves backs to normal and Corona is only mentioned in the history books Mikkel Frederiksen – will be Trustworks’ contact for ITU Match Making. But for now we stay at home.

Henrik Kjems invites you to an inspirational afternoon – with sharp presenters and soft bubbles.



Lars Albert Beck Thomsen pitches and facilitates panel debate at Copenhagen Fintech Week.

  • Insurtech and Pensiontech in Denmark
  • How does the newcomers and incumbents innovate within F&P
  • Trustworks focus on “please, steal my idea – the hardest part is not the ideas but the execution”

Elvi Nissen talks about explaining UX to management at IT-branchen.