We're TrustWorks.<br>IT Management Consultants.
We're TrustWorks.
IT Management Consultants.
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Curious About Our Work?
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We're Friendly,
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Who We Are.IT Management Consultants.

T rustWorks is a consultancy focusing on bridging the gap between business and IT to help clients realize measurable business value from their IT-enabled investments. We help our customers succed with their IT transformation projects from inception to transition.

Rethinking IT and Business

At TrustWorks we believe in ending “business as usual” by embracing new and better methods and solutions. We listen, learn, and think of alternatives to achieve goals that are not consistent with the traditional way of doing things. The result are efficient and flexible new ways of achieving the same or better objectives with and for our clients.


How We Do It

  • Clock Building Not Time Telling
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Show It and Tell It

Who We Are

  • We Believe in Talent and Passion
  • Good People
  • At the Forefront of Theory and Praxis

Meet The TeamWithout them, we're nothing

Árni Mar Einarsson
Árni Mar EinarssonBusiness Architect
My goal is to help our clients analyze it-related issues from a holistic perspective and define solutions that meets both business goals and users needs.
  • arni.einarsson@trustworks.dk
  • 4271 2250

Michael Bruun Ellegaard
Michael Bruun EllegaardChief Culture Officer
My objective is to support the TrustWorks team in rethinking IT & Business. My focus is to work with and further strengthen the company DNA.
  • michael.bruun@trustworks.dk
  • 2071 6401

Gisla Soltau Faber
Gisla Soltau FaberProject Manager
I help our clients with all the phases of a project – from idea, over procurement to implementation. My primary focus is team performance, because great teams deliver great results.
  • gisla.faber@trustworks.dk
  • 5364 1074

Thomas Gammelvind
Thomas GammelvindCEO
I help our clients to deliver business critical IT programs and projects in challenged environments, focusing on business transformation, team- and change management to secure the right outcome.
  • thomas.gammelvind@trustworks.dk
  • 2071 1523

Peter Gaarde
Peter GaardeBusiness Architect
I assist clients in analyzing, understanding and improving their business, so that innovative solutions are chosen to support optimized processes.
  • peter.gaarde@trustworks.dk
  • 2271 2853

Simon Gomez
I will help you analyze, define and describe your business needs, to ensure that you get the right solution for your project across planning and implementation.
  • simon.gomez@trustworks.dk
  • 3170 0296

Jeanette Hansen
Jeanette HansenBusiness Architect
My ambition is to help clients increase their organizational value through continuous development of their business and technology requirements.
  • jeanette.hansen@trustworks.dk
  • 4060 0055

Nikolai Hart
Nikolai HartBusiness Architect
Through a deep understanding of our client’s business and technological needs, I strive to break through complex roadblocks and find new avenues and innovative heights.
  • nikolai.hart@trustworks.dk
  • 5350 1852

Paula Philipson Høiby
Paula Philipson HøibyProject Manager
I assist clients when focus is on defining or following up on business needs in their upcoming and existing it projects. I can help within all phases from idea, analysis, procurement to implementation.
  • paula.hoiby@trustworks.dk
  • 2271 2851

Stephan Jensen
Stephan JensenBusiness Architect
Stephan might be new, but he is already busy helping our customers achieve their goals. When time permits he will introduce himself
  • stephan.jensen@trustworks.dk
  • 6165 6857

Rikke Kallerup
Rikke KallerupProgramme and Project Manager
I help our clients manage business programmes and projects from vision to benefit realisation. I focus on creating business value by ensuring a clear connection to the company strategy and project portfolio.
  • rikke.kallerup@trustworks.dk
  • 6067 7656

Tobias Kjølsen
Tobias KjølsenProgramme and Project Manager
I help our clients in all aspects of IT project- and program management, from the initial idea is born and matured, through the procurement and implementation to the final realization of benefits.
  • tobias.kjolsen@trustworks.dk
  • 2366 5345

Hans Lassen
Hans LassenSolution Architect
I help clients design advanced, secure and robust platforms and solutions to obtain and maintain control over their business processes.
  • hans.lassen@trustworks.dk
  • 2811 1049

Mimi Pave Musgrove
Mimi Pave MusgroveBusiness Architect
I help our customers reach their business goals through the optimum use of technology, working with strategic analysis, requirement scoping and IT roadmapping.
  • mimi.musgrove@trustworks.dk
  • 3165 3267

Elvi Rohde Nissen
My ambition is to help our clients create a system that supports actual users, solving real world tasks in the given environment – leaving the user with the best experience possible.
  • elvi.nissen@trustworks.dk
  • 5354 7308

Tommy Sørensen
I ensure that our clients get their critical projects delivered to the agreed, economy and scope. This is done through open and honest communication, risk-driven project management and iterative methods.
  • tommy.sorensen@trustworks.dk
  • 5151 4269

Lars Albert Beck Thomsen
Lars Albert Beck ThomsenBusiness Architect
I navigate the complex crossroads between people, business, and technology, and my commitment is to help analyze and transform your business.
  • lars.albert@trustworks.dk
  • 2463 3172

Simon Warthoe
I help our clients understand, meet and match the needs of the user with the continuous development of technology and business requirements.
  • simon.warthoe@trustworks.dk
  • 3160 0426

What We Do.See Below, You Might Be Interested!

A t TrustWorks we help customers achieve their goals, by managing their IT projects, optimizing their business processes and designing their architecture.

Project Management

Project management at TrustWorks means the process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve one or more specific project goals.

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Business Architecture

Business Architecture is about mapping, understanding and optimizing the way an organization works and does business, most often involving IT.

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Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture at TrustWorks means assisting clients in shaping architectures of large and complex systems over the entire lifecycle from conception to operations and maintenance.

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